Smart, High Performance Construction

Whether you are retrofitting, repairing, expanding or preparing the site for its initial building project, LORD can help you get from concept to built.  Every service we provide benefits from the pre-construction visualization and planning. This way our projects run on-time, maximizing your investment and limiting waste. 

The future is here and LORD's construction and engineering services will help you make the most of it.

planning to build

Pre-Construction Services

Building high performance buildings requires a work culture that values communication, anticipating challenges, planning, and measuring efficiency.  At LORD our pre-construction services pave the way forward.


We are pioneers in the region integrating Building Information Modeling (BIM) to help visualize in 3D challenges, feasibility, needs for custom fabrication, costs, and time estimates.

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Avoid the problems of adapting your design to the materials. Building to specification ensures you have the right piece  in the right place for the task at hand.

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Total Solution Construction

Avoid the hassle of coordinating  and navigating between different suppliers. At LORD you can find the service you need from the construction company that has earned clients trust for over 120 years.


Our electrical services include transmission and distribution, high voltage work up to 230kV  and power generation including renewables, waste-to-energy, oil & gas, co-generation, combined cycle, steam turbines, fuel cells and gas-fired plants. Read more


Process piping installation, hygienic stainless steel tubing, plumbing systems and waste water treatment plants, equipment rigging, fire protection and safety system design and HVAC related work are all in a day's work for our Mechanical Services team.
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Earth moving, roads and highways, bridges, interiors, culverts, multi-story buildings, foundations and concrete work in projects addressing the needs of private residential developers as well as, commercial, industrial, institutional and government clients.  Read more


LORD specializes in outside plant an dbuilding premises data and voice installations. We have vast experiences with conduit banks, manhole construction, fiber optic and copper cable installations, complex control rooms and underground and air signal distribution.  Read more

Building and Servicing to Plan

Building for a Better Future

We can help you reduce your carbon footprint and increase your building's energy and waste performance.


LORD has been working alongside the Puerto Rico Electric Power Authority and the Government of Puerto Rico to achieve the established Renewable Energy Portfolio. LORD has also been a leader bringing renewable energy solutions for commercial and industrial clients. Read more


After decades providing waste treatment solutions to the pharmaceutical and food industry, the government has also called upon the knowledge and expertise of LORD to establish several Waste Water Treatment Plants. Read more


Nowadays, high performing equipment, on site energy generation, back up services, and waste management all require complex instrumentation rooms and controls. At LORD, our teams are used to working together to safeguard the efficiency of the control systems.


LORD has ample experience with transit systems. We have  provided lighting, power, fire alarm and security systems for train stations, automated toll-gateways, gas-insulated bus switchyards, signal systems, communications systems and automatic train control systems.
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