Today's Commercial and Industrial clients require nothing less than unprecedented installations, controls, instrumentation and testing ready to meet the demands of the future.  Our reputation for providing the highest quality and safety while working with extremely demanding and aggressive schedules have grown the demand for our services to projects across the Caribbean and Texas.

Our Strength

LORD's Team of experienced mechanical engineers, superintendents, foremen and trained personnel can tackle any HVAC, plumbing and process piping project. Every project is aided the integrated expertise of our design-build team, our fabrication facilities, and our overarching commitment to zero accidents.

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  • Process Piping

  • Stainless Steel Tubing

  • Isometric fabrication

  • Equipment Rigging

  • all HVAC related work

  • Waste Treatment plants

Specialty Piping

LORD has installed both sanitary stainless steel and regular stainless steel
for a variety of industrial and commercial fields.

Specialty Piping and Equipment

LORD has successfully completed a wide variety of industrial projects in the areas of pharmaceutical, petroleum, chemical, electronics and fine chemicals. In the area of fine chemical plants our engineering and field personnel have developed the expertise, in the fabrication, erection and servicing, of the wide range of piping materials normally encountered in these plants. LORD has also completed numerous custom water projects for pharmaceuticals, including DI Water, Water for injection and other process systems.

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  • Teflon Lined Carbon Steel
  • Furan Lined Carbon Steel
  • Armored Glass Piping
  • Glass Drainage Piping
  • Glass Lined Carbon Steel
  • Fiberglass Reinforced Piping
  • HDPE Piping
  • CPVC Piping
  • Polypropylene Piping
  • Sanitary Stainless Steel

Masters in Hydrocarbon Piping

LORD is Puerto Rico's "Go-to" hydrocarbons contractor on the Island.
The Company has also constructed over 15 miles of large bore carbon steel piping
including over 5,000 welds performed with upmost quality and safety in record time.

OiL and Gas

LORD's time proven pre-fab/BIM integrated project delivery method has been an key asset in the construction of highly complex piping manifolds, among many other terminal components with the utmost quality, on time and under budget over the past 4 years.   We have actively participated in design build activities including the installation of piping from 1/2" thru 24" in diameter and constructed storage tanks included valving, gauging and Instrument Controls.  Our projects have addressed the needs of processing and distributing  ultra-low sulfur diesel, jet fuel, fuel oil, gasoline, ethanol, butane and propane systems.

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  • Terminal Dock Pipe installation
  • Large Bore Piping over Water for multiple petroleum products transmission
  • Main Manifold Piping
  • Refrigerated LPG Piping
  • Structural Supports and equipment installation in Gasoline Storage tanks (385,000bbls)
  • Construction, Instrumentation and and control for 30+ tanks.

Controls and Safety Systems

LORD's Mechanical Division serves a broad spectrum of industries throughout the years,
earning awards and commendations for our work.

Controls  and Safety Systems

In addition to pharmaceuticals, biochemical, fine chemical and oil and gas companies, LORD has a long history of engagement with the HVAC, plumbing, instrumentation and calibration needs of the health and food process industry.  Of special mention is the work performed for Frito Lay's water treatment plant, a project which won the Distinguished Work in Chemical Engineering Award in 1996, a recognition given annually by the Colegio de Ingenieros y Agrimensores de Puerto Rico (CIAPR) to those projects that result in special meritorious benefit to the surrounding communities and the environment.

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  • All HVAC Work
  • Equipment Rigging
  • Fire Safety Systems
  • Safety Stairs and Access Design-Build
  • Excellent Quality  Control System

QUality Is No Accident

At LORD we are continuously investing in our resources so we can continue to offer cutting edge solutions without sacrificing quality or safety.  Let LORD be your mechanical advantage.

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