We Connect You
to the World

At LORD, our Telecommunications Team is continuously evolving to provide our clients with the latest expertise on navigating the information highway.


Focused on Your Needs

Every client has a different telecommunications need. We approach every project on its own terms but maximize our client's investment by bringing our experience in the field to bear.

Network Design & Build

Working alongside our visualization team we will be able to anticipate challenges and provide solutions to every project.

Technical Services

Call us or establish a regular service plan to reduce the impact of unexpected interruptions. Our team of engineers and specialists will be able to anticipate and diagnose problems, minimizing the time you are off-line.

We rise to the challenge

One of LORD's early success stories was the data and voice installation performed for WAPA-TV studios, that included a complex control-room installation as well as transmission facilities for the station.  Another telecommunications breakthrough was wave guide system installed at Cornell's Ionosphere Test Facility in the Arecibo Observatory.

Our Clients

Many of our telecommunications clients are repeat customers. Our commitment to quality and excellent results in one service area becomes the calling card for the next project, entrusting their operations and growth to LORD's civil, electrical, mechanical, and telecommunications services. We list some of our telecommunication clients below:

  • Arecibo Observatory
  • Cornell's Ionospheric Test Facility