The Future of Pre-Construction

Experience 3d modeling & 4d, 5d planning

Our team of experienced engineers, architects and drafters use the latest technology to produce digital information that is then used to provide reliable efficient building practices that save our clients money and time. Below we describe some of the key features of our technology integration in the pre-construction phases of projects.

Quick Guide to Pre-Construction


Building Information Modeling

By creating 3D visualizations of drawings and connecting these to digital data scans of the actual environment we can create representations of components and foreshadow potential clashes, mitigating risks and controlling costs.

4D, The Time Plan

We make it possible to see the project in ahead of time (3D) and link stages and activities to a schedule (4D).

Peer Design Check

 We limit the need for change orders during construction by adding design reviews by members of structural, electrical, mechanical, and plumbing teams.

Isometric Drawings

We provide you with the most advanced mechanical, electrical, piping or plumbing coordinated drawings available.

5D, Dimensioning the Budget

Once the 3D design is agreed, scheduling for each phase is timed to maximize efficiency (4D), then we add the benefit of identifying costs and budget progression (5D).

BIM Consulting

LORD's Visualization team includes Engineers, Architects, CAD Drafters and field experienced professionals. Their expertise with the latest technology is also available for  targeted consulting.



  • Piping Design Services via Detailed Isometrics
  • Conceptual Model Creation
  • Robotic Total Station Laser Guided Field Point Layout
  • Lidar and 3D Scanning
  • 3D & 4D Clash Detection Analysis
  • Feasibility Analysis via 3D Modeling
  • As-built Generation
  • Forensic Analysis