Renewable Energy Solutions,
with the Benefit of Experience

LORD and  Renewable Energy Systems (RES, an affiliate of Lord Electric Company) work together to serve the needs of the public and private sector for renewable energy solutions.

For more than five decades, LORD Electric has been a constant, trusted electrical contractor that has pioneered and satisfied the needs of  clients from commercial, industrial, residential, recreational, business and government markets.  It is this valuable, hands-on,  industry experience that makes LORD an asset when planning improvements and designing new energy solutions.

Combining both experience and new technologies, LORD and Renewable Energy Systems, are committed to helping the Puerto Rico Power Authority and the Government of Puerto Rico achieve their Energy Portfolio Goals.  Our drive to introduce greater efficiency brings us to work with communities and corporations, knowing that every project brings us closer to a more resilient and energy efficient future.  Discover how you could benefit from energy efficiency planning. Contact our us for pre-construction and consulting services and feasibility analysis.

Power Generation

A reliable partner of the Puerto Rico Power Authority (PREPA), LORD was the principal electrical contractor during the construction of Puerto Rico's first liquefied natural gas cogeneration plant, Ecoelectrica, in Peñuelas. LORD was also contracted to work on the installation of units 5 and 6 of the San Juan Steam Plant. More recently, LORD built the Humacao TC substation to accommodate the new 40MW Fonroche Solar Park and worked on the Isabela Utility Scale Solar Park (60MW).

Among the private sector clients, LORD Electric has brought online several private state-of-the-art co-generation facilities, allowing manufacturers to produce their own electrical power. Our energy generation solutions include technologies such as photovoltaic, solar concentration, wind, waste to energy, solar thermal, among others.

Distribution and Load Management

Most power generation projects include the design and installation of energy supply. The scope of work performed by RES includes:

  • Control houses,
  • Aerial transmission lines,
  • Procurement lines,
  • Installation of lattice structure,
  • Transformers (40MW),
  • Breakers of all sizes,
  • Installation of A-Frame structures for 115kV
  • 480V Underground distribution line
  • Installation of ATS for interaction with Utility
  • Installation of solar panels
  • Installation of batteries and inverters

Building Resilience After the Hurricane

In the aftermath of Hurricanes Irma and María, when the entire Puerto Rico power grid collapsed and power generation came to a catastrophic halt, many renewable energy companies took note and banded together to provide a variety of solutions. In most cases, LORD became the trusted partner who knew the landscape, the architecture, the people and had the resources to connect the good will.  Among the many companies that partnered with LORD were Tesla, Black and Veach, Canadian Solar, and Lloyd Electric.  Below is a quick review of some of our noteworthy engagements during the emergency and reconstruction.

Portable Water Filtration System

WorldWater & Solar Technologies develops integrated solar platforms that provide both water and power and can stand as grid-connected, off-grid solar water projects and stand-alone solar infrastructure to pump, purify and desalinate water. After Hurricane María, WorldWater & Solar Technologies has sent multiple Mobile MaxPure™ units to Puerto Rico, where along with LORD teams were able to help in the restoration process. Together both companies were able to provide critical energy to schools and water filtration systems and other community services.

Tesla community Microgrid

During the reconstruction period, Tesla set out to empower communities by sponsoring the development of microgrids where they were able to generate, store and distribute solar energy to key buildings in the communities and residences.  Tesla quickly found in LORD a local partner that would be able to provide local logistics and technical support. The first Tesla microgrid project installation was the Children's Hospital in San Juan. Soon thereafter came a community microgrid for San Lorenzo and Casa Pueblo community in Adjuntas.